Sunday, July 4, 2010

I Hear a Ghost of My Country

Ah, the birth of our nation. Such a day brings to mind images of barbeque, fireworks, and family get-togethers. I have many such memories, the most recent of which is today's, where I successfully pulled off my own first 4th of July barbeque, where my fiance and I served a delectable spread of burgers, corn, and pudding for dessert.

As a kid, I had little to no realization of the history behind the holiday, except for what one learns in the elementary school textbooks. Only in recent years have I truly begun to really understand the importance of today.

I thought long and hard about what to post here in rememberance of the fourth, and I think this poem sums it up rather nicely:

"I hear a ghost of my country...
I hear a ghost of my country
Made real on this day in July
I am wrestled from tyranny's clutches
By the sound of its birthing cry
We are bound by a fair declaration
Of which I am a proud engineer
I hear a ghost of my country;
'Tis the promise of all I hold dear."

It's a poem written by John Adams in an issue of Captain America called "Ghosts of my Country". My fiance showed it to me and as I read the first page of the issue, I knew that this was what I wanted this post to center around. Even though in the comic John Adams (the author) doesn't quite like it, I think its simplicity puts this nation's birth into perspective rather nicely. We are the promise so many hold dear throughout the world, even now with a freedom hating president in the White House.

Here's to many more Fourths, and many more celebrations of freedom for every other freedom loving country across the globe.

Continuing to Fight the Good Fight.

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