Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Thought a Deck had only 52 Cards...

If the above holds true, then the left should have run out of Race Cards ages ago, yet they keep on coming. It's getting almost comical at this point. Now we have a formerly noble organization, the NAACP, coming out and denouncing the TEA Party as racist based on...Nothing. They produce no video, no news articles, no quotes, and no suspects in any alleged racial profiling or other illegal or immoral act. You know what this means?

They got NOTHIN'!!! Nothing at all, brothers and sisters. The NAACP is like a smaller version of the UN. A good idea in theory, but in practice a big disappointment. At the start the organization wasn't disappointing, as the issues they bring to the forefront were real issues back in the day. Now though, people know better, and so there is less call for an organization whose sole purpose is to stamp out racism wherever it resides. Apparently they don't yet realize that they've succeeded largely in what they set out to do.

Via Moonbattery and the O'Reilly Factor today, as well as the Glenn Beck Program, I came across a story that involves the NAACP denouncing the TEA party and the racist elements within. Read the full story here.

Honestly, these nimrods need to get a clue. We are not racist, all the violent acts that have been perpetrated in our name have been performed by crazy LEFTISTS or by people PRETENDING to be associated with us TEA Partiers. Someone needs to wake up and smell the fireworks. Really.

here's the REAL TEA Party, in my opinion described perfectly in a song by Krista Branch;


Also, as a shameless attempt to gain more traffic, Legal Insurrection has a take on this.