Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Rats are Abandoning the Ship

So, some interesting news out of Washington yesterday. Chris "Dickhead" Dodd, one of the most powerful and influential senators on Capitol Hill, has announced that he will not seek reelection in November. Much speculation has been thrown about concerning why Dodd has given up his seat, yet I think Glenn Beck had the best conclusion of all.

Simply put, Dodd knew he couldn't win. Yet instead of switching parties, a la "Benedict Arlen" Specter, he has completely abandoned any hope of retaining his Connecticut seat. Dodd's retirement is nothing more than a chance to abandon the sinking ship that are his poll numbers.

This alone means big trouble for the Democrats, as even though Connecticut is bluer than a Smurf, there is still a chance that a Republican conservative can win and take the total number of votes for the dems down from 60 to 59. Not likely, to be fair, but still possible.

Dodd was not the only one to jump ship. Several other Dems, including Senator Byron Dorgon of North Dakota, Governor Bill Ritter of Colorado, and John Cherry, the Lt. Governor of Michigan, all decided to throw in the towel. What does this mean for the Repubs, exactly?

In my opinion it means the dems see the writing on the wall. If Dodd had run again in CT, a republican very likely would have taken his seat. Now that he's gone, it'll be easier for the libs to hold on to it. Don't believe that nonsense he spouted about him having enough. These guys fight tooth and nail for power, and none since George Washington has EVER legitimately given the excuse that they've "had enough".

As for the others, they're probably quitting while they're ahead. All I can say is good riddance. Liberal dem super majorities are what caused all this nonsense in the first place. A balance needs to be restored, however, as we can't allow the Republicans a super majority either, because as Machiavelli said so succinctly, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." Anyone who doesn't believe me probably doesn't read conservative blogs.

All in all, it's a sign that things are more hopeful than I was beginning to believe. We the people WILL take the country back, and retirement won't save ALL the congress, and it certainly won't allow them to keep the White House in 2012. But we must remember all of this. We cannot allow the confusion of midterm campaign mudslinging to cloud our judgment when the voting starts. We can't forget that the spending, the entitlements, and the government overreaching is why we took to the streets and the web in the first place.

We must remain steadfast, we must remain determined, but most of all we must remain UNITED.