Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Campaign Speech Rehash Proves one Thing: Nothing has Changed in an Entire Year of the Obamanation

So, I submitted myself to the torture that was the first State of the Union address by our Commissar-in-Chief, Barack Insane Obama. In it I heard several familiar things:

1. We're in a recession.

2. Bush caused the recession

3. Government is the only thing that can save us from ourselves

4. Change we can believe in.

5. Healthcare "Reform"

6. Cap and Trade

None of this sounds even remotely different from what things were like when The One came into office. He doubled down on healthcare and cap and trade, promising to push even harder to get those two jokes passed, despite overwhelming public opposition to them. Oh, and he also took the blame for not yacking ENOUGH about his policies, thus rendering us incapable of understanding them. Yeesh. Can he really be so blind as to not notice that he's heading off a cliff, both politically and economically, and he's taking us with him? Or does he simply not care? I think it's a little of both.

I know we're in a recession, Mr. President. My fiancee has been unemployed since it began. I'm well aware of the lack of money. Thanks for NOT delivering me any news in that regard, jackass!

The president went on and on and on and on about healthcare, giving us a whole slew of sob stories that he probably made up on the spot and then had copied to TOTUS for the speech. Does he really think he can GUILT us into passing that horrendous abomination of a bill? If so he's more blind than Ray Charles was.

Cap and Trade: The fool-in-chief went on and on about how proud he was of the House of Representatives for passing what he laughingly called a "jobs bill" that focused on environmental protection and a "green" economy. I wonder if he realizes at all that he's signing a dead bill, or to use the older phrase, beating a dead horse?

Blaming Bush must be this guy's own personal hobby or something. He didn't name the previous administration specifically, but he did use such telling phrases as "when I first came into office" and such like that. I don't know why I keep hoping that he will some day take responsibility for his own actions and act like a man, and then act like a PRESIDENT!

Of course, even as he continued touting his failed policies and blaming Bush for his problems, he continued to spout that nonsense that only he knew best and would be too glad to help the too-stupid American people out with their problems. Yeah, we don't NEED your help, Commissar! Just get the hell out of the way and CUT THE FREAKING TAXES SO WE CAN HIRE MORE WORKERS!!!

Cap and Trade: This horrendous monster needs to be slain right off the bat. It's taken a back burner to healthcare, but the beast is still sleeping waiting for its turn on the senate floor. Scott Brown, if you're listening, BE THE 41st VOTE ON THIS TOO!

So all in all, nothing new from the Commissar and his lackeys. More campaign trail crap, more Hope and Change, more bullshit. November better wake his ass up, because if it doesn't, he'll be out on his ass in 2012, and then I'll be singing "DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD!"

Yeah, I said it. Call me a racist. I dare you!

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