Friday, January 15, 2010

Back From a Much Needed Sabbatical.

Yes, that's right. After a few days of decompressing and completely avoiding network and cable news, the Constitutional Crusader is back in the game. It felt good to step back from the fighting for a while and recharge, and what a situation I come back to. Apparently, while I was away Massachussets remembered that there are Republicans that run as well as Democrats in that state. So many people have remembered this, in fact, that the arrogant d-bag running on the Dem ticket is behind in the polls. Ted Kennedy must be crying, wherever he is.

Martha Coakley is also showing all the signs that her campaign is dying a horrible death. Someone put her out of her misery, please. Come to think of it, how did she even become the nominee? I'm not sure how special elections work, exactly, but if the all libs can offer up as their best candidate is someone who thinks that we're "allowed" to be Christian in this country, and refuses to campaign and do the dirty work that's required of a potential public servant, then the conservatives have this one in the bag.

Here's hoping the Repubs get their 41st vote. Feeling the squeeze yet, Majority Leader Reid?