Saturday, January 23, 2010

And so the Attacks Have Begun

Well, guess what, boys and girls? Liberals have once again proven that I and others who think like me just "don't get it." I apparently am too stupid to understand that a woman's right to annihilate her young is more important than the sanctity of life itself. Gosh, I'm such a dumb hick, I should be out strummin' a banjo and eatin' dirt like all them other con-ser-va-tive folks. A-hyuck. Not 24 hours after having posted the previous about unborn life, I was treated to this:

1. For the reasons stated above.

2. If the aborted fetus was meant to be the person who cures AIDS, cancer, or any other host of ailments, then Fate (I honestly believe this) would see to it that the fetus is not aborted.

3. Of course it's not the fault of the fetus! But let's face it, pregnancy is traumatic enough on a woman's body without it being a constant reminder that she was violated.

4. I have known people who say they would abort a fetus if they found out it had Downs because they are not emotionally and/or financially equipped to deal with a baby who has Downs. Would it be fair to bring a Downs baby into a family in which the parents would resent it? (The "give it up for adoption" argument won't fly with me--no woman should have to carry a pregnancy to term if she feels its best to abort it.)

6. I must be a very tragic figure. I have denied MANY potential human beings the right to exist by ovulating every month since I was 12. Bad me!

7. "Better," if you read Britni's blog post, means NOT QUESTIONING WOMEN WHEN THEY MAKE THE CHOICE TO ABORT A PREGNANCY. No one makes the decision lightly. It's NEVER "on a whim." You can't get that...but please don't try to dictate your beliefs to those of us who do get it.

Those are the answers this "enlightened" person gave me earlier today while I was enjoying a movie with the future mother of my NOT ABORTED children.

Here, fellow tin-foil-hat wearing drones, is MY response to HER response:

1. I just ripped to shreds EVERY SINGLE REASON that an abortion could be laughingly called a blessing.

2. This "enlightened individual" appears to have forgotten that we as human beings possess FREE WILL!!! Fate will not step in in EVERY INSTANCE to stop us from being human. What the hell do we look like? Calvinists?

3. A baby is a constant reminder that someone was violated? Who knew? Maybe every infant should be sent to the crematoriums for daring to traumatize mothers the world over. I don't think Bristol Palin believes Tripp is a reminder of the fact that she was violated (though he IS a constant reminder that she dated a jackass for however long they were together.)

4. So in other words, every child with Downs is an inconvenience to the parents and does not have the right to live. Horrors. To the gas chambers with them!

5. Notice how she didn't include this one in her answer. Not to confident, are we?

6. So let's do the math here. Every woman who ovulates ovulates on an average of 1 egg per month. The average sentance for first degree murder is 10-12 years. This means that every single woman on the planet (such as my fiance) must serve 1846 years and counting on average in prison, assuming they started menstruating at 12. Let's not even BEGIN to think that human life has not yet begun until sperm meets egg and forms zygote. Someone needs a little more sex education.

7. I "don't get it." I'm a moron. I should just shut up and go away. Tyipcal liberal, femi-nazi bullshit. I'm a man who can't understand what it's like to consider ending a human life and so should just shut up and do what I'm told. Yes, Mistress. Free will detected, severe malfunction determined. Returning to reeducation camp for repairs.

I think I've made my point, and fired the first shots in a whole new battle in the same old war.

Continuing to fight the good fight!