Friday, June 8, 2012

Sure, Mr. President. The Private Sector is Doing Just Bleeding Out.

Everyone who reads this blog, I'm assuming, knows that Obama, by now, has dropped a speaking gaffe worthy of the great Joe "Big F'n Deal" Biden just a few days past. Specifically, just in case I'm mistaken and there are a few that don't know what was said by The Anointed One this past week, I'll let Hot Air explain:

President Obama magnanimously appeared before us on Friday morning to explain away these charges, most particularly concerning the economy and Europe, and to exhort Congress to step up their game on passing jobs-related legislation. Europeans, he said, face the challenge of needing to both get their spending under control, while also encouraging growth. The United States has the same problem, and needs to find ways to grow the economy in order to create jobs and wealth and boost revenue. Curiously, the jobs he seemed most concerned about are state-and-local government jobs, including cops, teachers, and firefighters, because apparently, the private sector is doing just fine, or something.

Yes, you read that right. President Obama has actually had the audacity to declare that the private sector is not struggling, bleeding jobs, or unable to hire workers due to a sluggish economic policy and less than favorable speculation about the future of the free market. Don't believe me? Here's the video: 

Keep it up, Mr. President. I can hardly wait until your next gaffe.