Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Andrea Mitchell Gives a Lesson in how to be Incompetent at her Job

Nothing gets me giddy more than seeing liberal media toads get taken down a peg or two by us redneck Bible thumpers. This has already made the rounds of the internet by now, of course, but I'm sure there are some who read this who haven't heard the story. If indeed that is the case, here it is: MSNBC propagandist Andrea Mitchell, in an attempt to make Mitt Romney look like an out of touch rich snob, presented the following video on her program a couple of nights ago:

See that? He sure seems like a real jerk, huh? Well, he would for those who haven't seen the raw video, as I have:

Elitist snob or clever up and coming presidential candidate? You be the judge.

Hat tip to Chicks on the Right for the videos