Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thinning of the Herd: Perry not Able to Make Virginia Ballot

Well, look at that. It would seem that. Rick Perry's bid for the White House has become all the more difficult. As I just recently learned, and as many of us in the blogosphere no doubt already knew, one needs at least 10,000 signatures to qualify for the Virginia presidential ballot, and our Mr. Perry didn't make the cut, along with, unfortunately, my belle Michelle and Rick Santorum. While this doesn't necessarily rule them out for a term or two in the White House, it certainly doesn't bode well. I'm probably one of the few who actually found this surprising, given that I've never heard of this particular provision for the Old Dominion State, and this has been all over the net for all of two or three days, so everyone pretty much probably knows about it and has moved on. Since I"m a Johnny-Come-Lately, however, I will only just now be expressing my thoughts on the matter.

As mentioned above, this is at the same time not a big deal, and yet a very big deal. Perry, Bachmann and Santorum not making the ballot in Virginia means that effectively, the only candidates that people will be able to vote for in Virginia, a key state in any election, will be Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. Dear Lord help us if either of these two gets the nomination. Ron Paul being the isolationist he is, and Romney being the flip-flopper HE is, either one of these two would be a bad choice to replace the current chair-warmer in the Oval Office. Romney's no doubt good at playing the political game, but his policies are more Obama-lite than anything else. As for Ron Paul, I believe this video clip says all that needs to be said about this senile whackjob's stance on foreign policy. Some of his ideas are good, but what good is a stellar domestic policy if your foreign policy amounts to "It's totally okay for Iran to develop a nuclear weapon, and it doesn't matter if they say they're going to use it to wipe Israel off the map."?

What gets me more about this news development than anything else is that Newt Gingrich, my new choice for POTUS since Cain was driven out of the running by bogus sexual harassment charges, has also failed to make  the virginia ballot, proving to be a rather significant setback for the former Speaker of the House. Still, Virginia is only one state out of fifty, and however many electoral votes the state has, it's still up in the air about whether Newt will win the nod from the RNC. Personally, I hope he does. I would love to see Newt wipe the floor with Obama in a debate, but the namby pamby in the White House probably doesn't have the cojones to stand at a podium without his favorite teleprompter ready and raring to go with another prepared speech.

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