Friday, December 30, 2011

No, Virginia, This is no Way to Be

Red State has an interesting little piece on the Virginia ballot debacle. Apparently they don't think much more of the process than Newt Gingrich or his campaign manager does. The site screams favortism given for Paul and Romney, given that they were able to secure half again as many signatures as necessary (15,000 as opposed to 10,000) and thus didn't garner the same scrutiny as the ones who didn't make the magic number. Well, that's just dandy. So people who get 15000 signatures don't get as closely scrutinized as people with only 14,999? Dumb. Just plain dumb.

That's my personal opinion anyway, but I can see where we, being fallible human beings, would take the lazy approach and just say "Well, he got fifteen thousand, the probability of five thousand signatures being false isn't likely." Well, to that I say bull. If anything, just by the nature of positive correlations, the more signatures you bring in, the more scrutiny you deserve, given that the percentage increase means it's far more likely that fraud WILL occur. After all, a percentage of 10000 is a lot smaller than a percentage of 15000. Fifty percent smaller, in fact. You'd think this would warrant a bit more attention from the VA Republican Party.

Not to be, apparently. Still, as I mentioned before, this is only one state out of fifty. It won't look good for the candidates that were looking forward to these primaries, but with all eyes on Iowa right now, VA seems to be small potatoes right now. But that's just me.

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