Friday, May 20, 2011

Obama Turns BB Netenyahu Into his Latest Speed Bump

I am seeing all over the news and the blogosphere that as of, I believe, yesterday, Obama has done what no other president has done before, and has turned our strongest Middle Eastern ally into his latest speed bump on the road to reelection. I am not surprised by this, and really, no one should be surprised. If you are chances are you haven't been paying attention to what this man has done to the nation in the last three years. After snubbing Great Britain by A: Sending back the bust of Churchill, B: having the audacity to give Queen Elizabeth an iPod filled with nothing but his own speeches, and C: Giving Tony Blaire a series of DVDs that don't play on British DVD players, not to mention the more important and audacious things this man has done to our allies, it should be readily apparent to anyone with the brain cells God gave a chimp that Barack Obama has no love for Israel. For crying out loud, people, he snubbed BB more than once before this, though the only time that comes to the front of my memory is the time he left Benjamin in a White House sitting room while he went off to eat dinner with his family. Now Obama is calling for Netenyahu to "make concessions for peace", which, if you speak fluent bullshit, as I do, means that BB should just shut up and give in to the absolutely ludicrous concessions for peace that Obama is advocating in favor of the Palestinians.

In case you haven't heard, those concessions consist of returning Israel to the borders it had back in 1967. In other words, the country would go back to looking like this:

The green is Israel as it stood prior to the year in question. Note the location of the Holy City, Jerusalem. Notice how it's half in and half out of the green and the yellow. It would return to this state should Obama's demands be met. except this time, instead of Jordanian rule, that half of the city would be under Palestinian rule and as such would be subject to much more displays of sectarian violence than it is now. (8 murders in the last year in a country of several hundred thousand people, FYI). Also, take a look at the territory being ceded under this proposal. Up near Samaria, the left most part of the yellow chunk includes the Golan Heights. This is one of Israel's two currently defensible borders. With this proposal, that border would go to the Palestinians, as well as all those nifty caves and cliffs to hide in and mount missile defenses on.

The worst part? At that point, not only would the border be indefensible, it would leave Israel with its widest point being a whopping EIGHT MILES across! That's right, boys and girls. If this plan were to go through, it would leave Israel with little more land than most small cities have to build on. Oh, and the Gaza Strip? The other defensible border? That would go to the Palestinians too.

I was once introduced through one of my favorite novels to the story of a king who was surrounded by enemies, yet too blind to see it. his heraldry consisted of a stag. The enemy's? A lion. A stag surrounded by lions. Fairly predictable ending, wouldn't you agree? Yet the stag had friends  in the form of a wolf, who came to his aid, yet too little too late. We, the United States, are the wolf in this story. Israel the stag, and the Palestinians the lions. As Israel is in the heart of the lion's den, so to speak, we must stand firm in solidarity with Israel. If we do not, the lions will only turn our way next, assuming they haven't already.

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