Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bin Laden Death Follow Up, With Linky Love for Some Comfy Shoes

She of the Fuzzy Slippers always seems to bring quite a bit of common sense to exciting events, whether they be negative or positive in outlook. I've been, like most bloggers, following the aftermath of Osama bin Laden's long overdue demise by our courageous SEAL team 6, and must admit that though I now begin to question the veracity of the motives of our president, I still feel a bit heady. This must have been how adults back in the nineties felt when the Soviet Union collapsed in on itself after decades of being on the brink of nuclear annihilation. I'll get to her contributions to my current line of thinking in due course, but first, the follow up and the newly uncovered facts:

ABC news last night reported that a simple phone call was one of the factors that lead to his death. One of bin Laden's aides apparently picked up the phone a year ago which lead to us finding one of bin Laden's couriers, thus leading us to the mansion in Pakistan where bin Laden was holed up. I don't normally read the Huffington Post, given their reputation for inaccuracy, but this time I did read something they wrote on the subject, and it was surprisingly free of anti-conservative snark, though they did manage to slip a bit of anti-waterboarding propaganda in there right at the end.

The meat of the article is that a phone call from one of bin Laden's couriers was traced to a location near the compound. they were bound to slip up sometime, I guess.

Now to fuzzy. She of the Fuzzy Slippers, as I mentioned, is a welcomed oasis of common sense in the desert that is the blogosphere. In her most recent post, she throws what most would call a wet blanket over our bin Laden death fun time, but I think now that the head rush is beginning to subside, we should definitely take a step back and look at the implications of bin Laden's death, and the consequences that will undoubtedly unfold. I do not claim to know what those consequences are, but I'm sure that like with most things, they will be good and bad both in some measure or another.

Fuzzy appears to agree. Her analysis, which you can read in full here, ends as follows:

So ask yourselves this:  given what we now know about BO's disdain and contempt (even dripping hatred) for America and her citizens, the moves this administration has taken to demonize and label conservative, Christian patriots as "terrorists," do you sleep more soundly knowing that he will stop at nothing to destroy his enemy (and that you and I are among his enemies who must be punished), that no treaty, no U. N. power, no human rights laws, indeed, no law of any land (including both our own and even the international law he favors . . . when it suits him) will stop him?

Some big picture parting questions to ponder: What is BO's ultimate vision of a "fundamentally transformed" America?  Where do you think you fit into that?  How will he achieve it?

And on a less-weighty note:  how long before the increased terror threat (in the wake of possible, I'd say likely, retaliation for the death of bin Laden) is used as an excuse to further limit, even eliminate, our civil rights?  Isn't this just the impetus needed to fulfill Nappy the Tyrant's promise to roll out TSA gropers and molesters to shopping malls, train/bus/metro/ferry stations, and sports arenas?  How long before he gets his internet kill switch, his gun bans for law-abiding Americans, his silencing of the conservative media, indeed of any dissenting voice?

BREAKING: Bin Laden photos are not going to be released by order of POTUS. A few new questions to add to fuzzy's list: Why did he decide not to release the photos? How will this affect his political prospects for 2012, such as they are? More importantly, will less people believe that bin Laden is dead now that the proof has been placed under lock and key?

UPDATE: Stacy McCain has video of the above news item, and quotes from senators on why they either opposed or supported Obama's decision.

UPDATE 2: Left Coast Rebel also weighs in on the photo controversy, and is clearly upset over Obama apparently ignoring the need for closure that the 9/11 families have been begging for for ten years.

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  1. yay! thanks for the fabulous linky love; I'm most appreciative.

    Your added questions are good ones. It seems to me that this is just one more bad decision that the WH will have to roll back / reverse (and end up looking like the amateurs they are). The photos will get out. The supreme hypocrisy of elevating bin Laden while simultaneously claiming he's not a Muslim leader is evidenced in their release of the other dead guys in the compound, apparently including one of bin Laden's son. How do you justify a bunch of bloody, dead at American hands jihadis but not bin Laden (whom this admin repeatedly tells us is just another terrorist)? Senseless.

    Also not getting enough coverage is the fact that BO has not attended one 9/11 ceremony since taking office. That's two missed opportunities to make the trip to Ground Zero. But he goes now? And we're supposed to think he's sincere? Um, no.