Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Woman with Brains and Balls

Ever hear of a woman named Ann Barnhardt? I have, and you're about to. All you have to do is scroll down to watch the video at the end of my little rant here. But first, a bit of background information on the happenings that led to this video being made. We are all, I'm sure, familiar with Senator Lindsay "Grahamnesty" Graham, RINO-SC. He's the insipid little fool that said recently that he wished we could "hold people accountable" for certain types of speech. That it just so happened to deal with speech against the greatest threat to democracy since Hitler, Stalin and their goons were on the scene is just a coincidence I'm sure. NOT! For Graham's exact words, watch this little gem of a video I pulled from Youtube:

Yeah, you heard that correctly. He said that burning the Koran is speech that "inspires" the enemy. In actuality, what burning the Koran does to these people is DEMORALIZE them by making them so incredibly enraged at our infidel practices, that they cannot fight the war effectively! Inspirational speech is more like this.

Now, in comparison to Ronaldus Maximus, Linsday Graham is less than the shadow of a snake, no doubt. Especially where his wartime policies are concerned. Restricting speech so that our enemies won't be offended? Reagan would have laughed this guy out of the Senate if he'd heard such a ludicrous proposal as that!

But apparently others think this is a good idea. Of course, there are always those who think that less freedom for the people will lead to more security. Those people are woefully misinformed, and need to look at what big government has done to such countries as Germany and Soviet Russia before they go and advocate getting rid of the constitution.

Now, take the woman I mentioned above, Ann Barnhardt. This woman has more balls in her little finger than Graham has in his whole body, and the videos at the bottom prove it. She even gives her address and contact information, daring people to call her bluff and come after her if they're serious about not wanting to offend Islam. Oh did I mention that in the second part of the video she burns a Koran, which she has conveniently bookmarked with raw pieces of bacon? Absolutely incredible that someone would do something so shockingly un-PC these days. I know the libs are in hysterics over the pastor who originally proposed the Koran burning a while back, but if they saw THIS, they'd go absolutely nuts!

The best part is that each passage she has conveniently bookmarked is a passage that advocates either prostitution, rape of prepubescant boys and girls, or even beating your wife if she refuses to have sex with you. She even points out a passage in the very book the Islamists revere so much that calls Allah a "deceiver". Now, why on Earth would Muslims refer to their own god as a deceiver unless they believed it? And who else do we know of as a deceiver? Someone who whispers temptations into our ears and persuades us to only think of ourselves at the expense of our neighber? Oh, right *church lady voice*....could it be....SATAN? Well now isn't that special?

Watch the video for the full effect. Whether your head explodes or not will determine your place on the political spectrum:

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