Monday, April 4, 2011

For it After he was Against It: Holder Reverses Decision Regarding KSM Trial

Astonishment. That was the feeling I experienced just now, as I randomly decided to head over to Fox and see what their front page story was. I've taken to expecting bad news from the media so much that the bright shiny nuggets of good news seem that much brighter and more valuable to me. Apparently, our esteemed AG, Eric Holder, has run into what the article calls "the buzz saw of reality" and has grudgingly accepted the fact that New York is not the best place to hold the trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammad and his cronies. The article reads in part:

Because a timely prosecution in federal court does not appear feasible, the attorney general intends to refer this matter to the Department of Defense to proceed in military commissions," reads the order to dismiss signed by U.S. District Judge Kevin Duffy.
The decision to return the detainees to a military commission is a reversal from Holder, who announced in November 2009 that he would move the trials to a civilian court in the United States. Supporters said it sent the right message to the rest of the world that U.S. courts were the fairest and best venue for trials. 
Gee, ya think? Holder didn't exactly take this lying down, since he decided to rip into Congress, blaming their legislation  for forcing his hand and leaving him  no choice but to *GASP* abide by the will of the people of NYC:
Congress tied the Obama administration's hands in trying the alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks and his accomplices, Attorney General Eric Holder said Monday, announcing that he was left without a choice and has referred the cases to the Defense Department for trial. 
In stark language, Holder lambasted Congress for imposing restrictions blocking any detainees from being tried in the U.S., saying that the "unwise and unwarranted restrictions" undermine the U.S. in counter-intelligence and counter-terror efforts.
Not only that, but he also threw what in this humble Crusader's mind amounts to a temper tantrum, screaming about how he knows better than everyone else how to handle these things:
Do I know better than them? Yes. I respect their ability to disagree but they should respect that this is an executive branch function, a unique executive branch function," Holder said in a press conference.
And during a press conference to boot. Not exactly the height of gentlemanliness. Oh, and guess who else isn't happy! The ACLU threw their own little hissy fit as well:
ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero, which vehemently opposes military courts, said the Obama administration's decision "is completely wrong."
"There is a reason this system is condemned: it is rife with constitutional and procedural problems and undermines the fundamental American values that have made us a model throughout the world for centuries. Attorney General Holder's previous decision to try the 9/11 defendants in federal court was absolutely the right call but this flip flop on the part of the Obama administration is devastating for the rule of law and greatly undermines America's standing abroad," Romero said.
I've put the juiciest parts here for your viewing pleasure, but be sure and read the whole thing. At the very least it'll make you smile.

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