Saturday, April 2, 2011

Al Gore Contributing to the Very Thing he Claims to Despise!

That's right, boys and girls. The self-proclaimed savior of the planet, Mr. Al "I'm Just Raising Awareness" Gore has been causing the very problem he claims to be trying to help solve. Via Jammy Wearing Fool:

Now how exactly will Al Gore's masterful invention go about destroying the planet? Why, by giving climate change "deniers" a voice to oppose the environmental wackos.
The planet may not be so lucky. It's increasingly apparent thatthe internet may bring about the death of human civilisation, beating out previous contenders such as nuclear holocaust and the election of George W. Bush.

The agents of this planetary death will be the climate-change deniers who, it's now clear, owe much of their existence to the internet. Would the climate-change deniers be this sure of themselves without the internet?

Indeed, how on Earth would all us country bumpkins who refuse to be swindled by the snake oil salesmen at the IPCC get along without their Orwellian policies telling us how to think, feel, and do basically everything necessary to live a normal life as a worker drone for the great Statist Revolution?

I particularly find amusing the idea that the mere election of The Evil One (AKA George W. Bush) was a contributer to a nonexistent crisis. I particularly like how he's embraced the "new F-ing tone" (as RS McCain calls it) by calling us all idiots literally from the first word of the article.

I could go on about how they need to see the error of their ways and simply realize that people disagreeing with you doesn't mean they're idiots, but I have a feeling that'll be too much wishful thinking on my part. My only source of solace is that people who write things like this make themselves sound so incredibly stupid  that no one takes them seriously. At least, no one smart enough to realize that differing opinions are a GOOD thing, rather than a bad.