Wednesday, August 4, 2010

They May Have Won the Battle...

...But we will win the war.

Today a federal rogue judge declared California's vote in favor of Proposition 8 unconstitutional. While I am disheartened by this ruling, it was not all together unexpected. I can't remember where I saw the story, but I remember reading on the net that the case went before one of the only two openly gay federal judges on the bench. Am I angered by the ruling? Yes. Am I upset? You bet your bottom dollar, friend. Am I surprised? No. Likewise I am not discouraged.

For the first few months of the American Revolution, George Washington lost every single battle with the British and their Hessian allies. Yet he was victorious in the end, as we traditionalists shall be. I had a thought after reading the story, which comes from Legal Insurrection, and that is "what about all the other states that have passed these kinds of laws protecting the sacred nature of marriage?" Indeed, are all of those laws unconstitutional now as well? And what kind of authority does this give a federal judge via the new precedent set by this ruling? What, if anything, can a judge NOT overrule if he can overrule the votes of millions of Californians?

The notion that the judge is gay has no bearing on my feelings about this ruling, for those of you who might think I'm just a bible-thumping homophobic. If you do think that, you're wrong, and though you can think it all you want, it won't make it true. Marriage is, as I mentioned earlier, sacred, and should stay that way. Call me what you will, but I will not abandon a cornerstone of civilization just because some limp-wristed dandies are whining about how unfair life is.

Continuing to Fight the Good Fight.