Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is the Democrat Party Facing the Same Fate as the Whigs?

For those of you who attended public school indoctrination centers, the Whigs were a political party that existed from the founding of the nation in 1789 to just prior to the beginnings of the Civil War. The Whig party, originally a party based in many principals which are today called conservative, fell out of favor with the American people in the 1880s, and faded into obscurity with the rise of the anti-slavery Republicans, who elected the illustrious Abraham Lincoln to office just in time to lead the nation in a time of great crisis and division.

Does any of that above sound a little familiar? It does to me. We all know the political climate these days is anything but calm, with unemployment sky high, with a POTUS who acts more like Louis the 14th and a First Lady who acts more like Marie Antoinette. Let's count down the similarities, shall we?

1. National discontent and division. Obama has done more to divide this nation than any other president since James Buchanan refused to acknowledge or address the secession of the southern states during his term in office. The difference is that Obama has been dividing us on ideological lines rather than geographical, by silencing any opposition to his statist agenda, or at least attempting to.

2. National uncertainty. While there is always a certain degree of uncertainty in the nation at any given time, now it is at an all time high thanks to the recession, which is fast becoming a depression, and other disputes, such as the insecurity of the southern border with Mexico, is leading many to question as never before the relationship between the people and the government who is supposed to serve there interests above all others.

3. A new political movement rising. the TEA party coming to be has given me much to think about in terms of a potential third party. While historically third party candidates lose big (even Teddy Roosevelt lost his bid for a third term, despite his popularity at the time), when the republican party rose in the 1800s, there was already so much discontent with the Whigs that many former Whigs became Republicans, the Whigs themselves having become nothing more than "me-too" Democrats, which brings us to...

4. No discernable difference between the parties. There does not seem to be, up until recently at least, any discernable difference between the current Democratic and Republican Parties. Many Republicans simply go along with, or worse, actually subscribe to, today's Democratic Party and their socialistic principals. If you don't believe me, look at Linsday Graham-nesty or Olympia Snow Job. Not exactly standard bearers for the Conservative point of view.

So back to the original point: Is the Democratic Party facing the same fate as the Whigs? They may be, is my assessment. Many of the same crises that the Whigs faced, the Democrats are now facing. Admittedly, the Dems aren't facing slavery as an issue, but they are having to carry the weight of Obamacare on their backs, which essentially confines the nation and its people to debt slavery, so in a way I suppose they ARE dealing with it after all. Also, illegal immigration has been compared to slavery by Glenn Beck, in that they're "doing the jobs Americans won't do", just as slaves were "doing the jobs that white men wouldn't do."

They say history repeats itself, and we may in fact be repeating several eras at once, the Civil War era only one amongst many.

Continuing to fight the Good Fight