Thursday, June 20, 2013

Not Exactly Nelson Mandela, is She?

Well, I've tried to avoid posting about this for a while now, but it's time I weighed in on the Free Kate movement and the pending trial of admitted sex offender Kaitlyn Hunt. I don't know how apparent it is from my posts in the past, but I have a very low tolerance for those who use victimhood as a shield against the law. Kaitlyn Hunt is one such person that I have a low tolerance for, and soon it will very likely be no tolerance at all. Another thing I have no tolerance for is liars. I cannot stand to be around those  who falsify themselves. Honestly, I'm glad I haven't been doused in Gamma radiation a la Bruce Banner, otherwise I might have broken Palo Alto by now thanks to the episodes of Hulking out. Fortunately, however, that is not the case, and Palo Alto remains intact, for what it's worth.

The maestro of coverage regarding this story has been The Other McCain, who has followed it like a bloodhound follows a scent. I've read his posts, as well as those of Da Tech Guy and Viral Read, and the more I learn about this case the more I want to see her punished to the fullest extent of the law, which might happen since Hunt rejected a plea deal that would have kept her off of the Sex Offender Registry. However, this is Liberal Land, and those who would see Hunt proved innocent are insistent that, as the President once said of his own scandals, there is no "there" there.

I am more than a little inclined to agree with R.S. McCain regarding this issue, largely due to the simple yet logical argument  of "she broke the law. Period." That he brings to the table. Really, this should be an open-and-shut issue. Hunt was a  legal adult, and her "girlfriend" was not. Every state has some form of Age of Consent that is enforced there. Such is the case with Florida, their particular age of consent being 16 years of age. Admitted Sex Offender Kaitlyn Hunt's girlfriend was not sixteen, while Hunt herself was eighteen, and so the law was broken. This really should be the end of the argument, and probably would have been if not for the fact that Kaitlyn Hunt is (at least in some photos) a cute blonde.

This is, when you think about it, the bread and butter of the reason for all the media coverage afforded to Admitted Sex Offender Kaitlyn Hunt. Honestly, R.S. himself put it succinctly in this post, which is a lengthier version of the previous paragraph. The real bottom line is that the law is the law, and if it's not upheld, that way lies chaos.

That Mr. G Guy, one of my contemporaries and a reliable reblogger that I know, has a couple of articles regarding this subject, one from our mutual blogger McCain and the other from American Thinker. Read that post here.