Thursday, June 20, 2013

Are the Cracks Finally Showing?

It would certainly seem so. I was originally going to post about the resignation of Jim Allen over racially charged remarks he made about rival GOP candidate Erika Harold in an email, but this recent post by Hot Air's Erika Johnson  caught my eye, and I was eager to see some evidence about Obama and his cronies' grand House of Cards imploding, so here it is.

According to the above link, it would appear that young,  healthy Americans aren't all that keen on signing up for the Affordable Care Act, and that's making folks just a bit nervous. The damning details:

 photo Screenshot2013-06-20at111119AM_zps9e6f178e.png

Look at the breakdown of the above chart. 65 percent of those surveyed between the ages of 18-25 are worried about paying medical bills for a serious accident, yet a quarter of that group, and  a quarter of those between 26-30 (that's 50 percent of the entire survey, for those of you that need the comparison) are saying that they're  healthy enough not to need any insurance in the first place. If that is indeed  the case, and this is a microcosm of young people's opinions throughout the country, that does not bode well  for the vaunted saviors of the United States. Indeed, Erika makes the point her self by citing the following paragraph:

Total numbers that include both insured and uninsured aren’t nearly as useful as breakdowns that separate these two groups. And these numbers are much less encouraging. True, 76 percent of all insured ages 18-64 say that “insurance is something I need.” But 40 percent don’t think health care is worth its price, and that number should be extremely troubling to ACA advocates. Since many of the currently insured will keep their current employer-based plan, the fate of the exchanges really hangs on the decisions of the uninsured. Unless a high percentage of currently uninsured youth opt in, Obamacare will face severe, possibly fatal, problems.

Honestly, this is all turning out to be one huge gamble that it would appear is stacked against the house. If the gamble doesn't pay off and people opt out of Obamacare, they're going to see premiums skyrocket even more and even faster than they would if everyone signed up, and that will cause the whole thing to come crashing down.

I could live with that.

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