Sunday, August 12, 2012

Seems the Country is Getting Some Much Needed R&R

Pun definitely intended. By now the entire blogosphere is aware that Paul Ryan has been chosen to be the other half of Mitt Romney's presidential ticket, and without speaking for the other conservatives out there, I must say that it was a masterful choice. I heard and read about the Ryan Plan back when the Left was trying to make it seem as though Ryan wanted nothing more than to throw grandma off a cliff in order to save money, and this was just when he was running for his House seat. I can only imagine the bull that the bottom feeders will dare throw out at him now that he's heading out to vie for the second most powerful office in the country. Given how smart he is, though, I'm willing to bet he can handle it.

To be perfectly honest, I couldn't be more impressed with Romney now, and I'm certainly a great deal more hopeful that he'll start the ball rolling to get us off the edge of the fiscal cliff we're in danger of plummeting over. Hot Air seems to have been the first news outlet to break this story, with three posts on the front page today. One from Jazz Shaw, who had the honor of being the first to announce the winner of this year's Republican Veepstakes, one from new poster Erika Johnson, and the third and final from Hot Air veteran Ed Morrissey showing that Ryan's favorability in the polls is sky high among seniors. (Let the lefties try to spin THAT into a disfavored outcome for ol' Paulie boy).

I would go into each post's importance and analysis of the situation, but it's best, I think, if I just link them and let them speak for themselves. Hot Air, of course, is not the only outlet that is abuzz with news over Paul Ryan, either. Fox, of course, has article after article, as does Mitt fan Matt Drudge. The opinions on Ryan being a good pick or not run the gamut from "Excellent" to "Absolutely horrible" to the ever popular "meh" and "tough sell". One thing is clear, though. The game has changed, as one writer cited by Hot Air declared yesterday upon hearing the news. One side, however, is in unanimous agreement, it would seem, over what Ryan's potential VP status does to the Romney campaign. Three guesses which side that is.

As for my take on Ryan? I don't think there would be a better choice for Romney's ticket. Granted, it does look as though he's trying to make it clear to fiscal hawks and die hard conservatives that he is not of the same mold as the President (which those of us with level heads already knew, of course), and for that he's likely to get some skeptical looks from the hard right. However, this could (and indeed looks) to be a major tonic for Independent voters, who were waffling more than most on whether or not Romney would be different enough from Obama to really give the electorate an actual choice this time around instead of simply picking between two clones dressed in different suits.

All in all, this promises to be one interesting campaign season now that the VP distraction is over with. I, for one, can hardly wait to see Paul Ryan put Joe "Big F'n Deal" Biden in his place during the debates.

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