Thursday, April 11, 2013

Even Death isn't Sacred Anymore

I've just had the most interestingly dismissive exchange on Facebook. As we all know, Margaret Thatcher has passed on. Because the Iron Lady is no longer with us, the Left and their cronies are having a hate-filled field day trying to trash her name and run it through the ringer until nothing is left. I've seen the hate on Twitchy, I've seen it on Hot Air, and I've seen it even on my own newsfeed on Facebook. It's the Facebook post that really got my blood boiling, though, because it shows the true heartlessness of some who opposed Margaret Thatcher. Twitchy has some real gems, but as the Facebook exchange directly affected me, I'm going to focus on that one.

This image has been circulating Facebook for the last 24 hours, in which Ken Loach has declared that Margaret Thatcher's funeral should be as cheap as possible because "it's what she would have wanted." First, how does he even know that? Second, how heartless can you be to deny a human being a respectful funeral, especially one who broke the glass ceiling as it pertains to the Prime Ministry position? The answer, apparently, is as disrespectful as Loach was being when he made that statement..

The real kicker about today, though, was that when I defended Thatcher from that jackal Loach, I was, predictably, best from all sides by liberals wanting to smother me with the idea that Thatcher was a horrible person and that the above comment I mentioned and linked to was "witty". I'm used to being beset by liberals when I open my mouth and shoot it off, but this time it really got to me. Why? Because one of the liberals in question was a member of my own family. I won't say who, because they are family and I don't want to cause any undue stress or trouble for them. However, I will say that this member of my family was trying to justify, though subtly, that Margaret Thatcher did not deserve to be loved because of the supposedly "horrible" things that she did during her time as Prime Minister of England.

What were those horrible things, you ask? Well, let's start with a little history on what Britain was like before Thatcher took the Prime Minster position, shall we?

Before Thatcher became Prime Minister, England's government owned close to 9/10 of all industry and manufacturing in the country. Stagnation was rampant. Economic growth had sputtered to the slowest of crawls, and unemployment was as bad as it had ever been, possibly worse. Fast forward to Thatcher's tenure: privatization of the industries that were in most need of it, scaling back government control of agencies and ensuring less intrusion into the lives of Britain's private citizens. Sounds pretty evil so far, right? No? Well, then maybe this is what they were talking about.

During her tenure as Prime Minister, the Irish Republican Army was still up and running, and they decided to try and take out 800 years worth of frustrations over dealings with England by assassinating her. The attempt failed, and the culprits were imprisoned. Seeing that their attempt failed, the IRA members decided that a hunger strike would be enough to get the Iron Lady to bend. They were sadly mistaken. Tragically, several of these men died during their hunger strike, as Thatcher refused to bend and give in to their demands. Evil? I would have to say no. thatcher didn't force these men to go on hunger strikes and starve themselves, and  the UK and U.S. have always had a policy of not negotiating with terrorists, which is what the IRA were. The hunger strikes did provoke Ronald Reagan to action, however, and he convinced Thatcher to work with the Irish on a peaceful settlement, which she achieved. Top that off with bringing England back from the brink of economic collapse, and I'd say Thatcher was about as far from evil as a human being can realistically expect.

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