Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Candidates in 2012: My thoughts.

Many are speculating about the political landscape of 2012. Here are my thoughts on our current crop of potential candidates:

Paul Ryan: Hack Wilson goes into great length to defend this choice, and I must say his record does look promising. He's been a staunch defender of the constitution all through the health care debacle, for one, and his limited government philosophy is definitely appealing to me. I'll keep an eye on this one.

Mike Huckabee: I read his book on the 2008 presidential campaign and his run for the White House and while a lot of his policy ideas rung true with me, I have to say that his record as governor of Arkansas won't appeal to the lower taxes crowd, since he balanced his cuts in spending with a tax increase or two here and there. His stance on religious views is appealing as well, but honestly we don't even know if he'll run yet, so while I'll keep an ear open, I'm not too sure he'll be a factor in this year's run.

Mitt Romney: One word spells doom for this man and any potential bid for the White House in 2012: ROMNEYCARE!

Michelle Bachmann: If she does decide to run, this woman has an incredible chance to become Commander in Chief. Bachmann is a Tea Party favorite, hated by the far left for believing in things like the Constitution and limited government, has a sterling record of conservative policies, and is nice to look at to boot. I'll probably be labeled sexist for that last, but I don't care. Names don't hurt me anymore.

Sarah Palin: Potential abound for the girl from Alaska, but the far left will do everything in their power to make sure she loses the nomination, much less the general election. I'm hopeful that she runs, and if she does run I WILL vote for her should she receive said nomination.That said, I'll probably vote for whoever gets the GOP nomination, since I refuse to vote for Obama even on pain of death.